Good Templar Park is available to rent for all occasions

  • Picnics

  • Weddings

  • Athletics

  • Corporate Parties




Good Templar Park Rentals

Picnic Pavilion  


Main Structure        






Meeting Area in Archive Building



Other Areas or Buildings



Groups of 100 or More

Park rental is for a period of up to 8 hours. Please contact the park for more information if a rental is needed for a longer period of time or for multiple days.  

  • No park rentals or group use, even for IOGT members and guests, to be held concurrent with Swedish Day.

  • All rentals include use of the building rented, the washhouse, and public park grounds, with the exception of the soccer fields (when in use) and cottage area.

  • No alcohol allowed at any time or under any circumstances.

  • Trash is to be carried out, unless prior arrangements are made with the park.

Rental Contact

Contact Heather Snyder at 630-232-4208.