When the park opened in 1925, the northeast corner of the park was used as a campground to allow members overnight accommodations. Over the years dwellings shifted from large tents to family owned platforms for extended stays. Around 1933, more permanent stugas (Swedish, little houses) were constructed to provide seasonal shelter.

Community House

Community House

In 1949 a brick Community House was built in  on the footprint of an earlier barn-like structure to hold indoor gatherings, and a larger brick restroom and shower facility was constructed. Eventually the campground was expanded to the south side of the creek in the early 1940’s which added 15 structures. In all, 58 cottages were built. 



Cottages in Good Templar Park are owned by members of the IOGT. Cottages for sale can be found here. Only members of this organization can own cottages. Persons interested in owning a cottage and membership in the IOGT can Contact us.


Cottages in Good Templar Park are privately owned by members of the International Organization of Good Templars (IOGT). If you are interested in joining the IOGT, learn more about the organization, its platform, and its community involvement.

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